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Newbie (me) vs 'My Cousin the Plumber'

From: DanF
Category: HEATING
Date: 10/2/01
Time: 3:57:51 PM
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I avoided him from day 1. I bought steam books and figured it out myself.

I have a simple one pipe gas steam system in my house, 2 mains, 10 rads.

Step 1 (from steam book) - Turn down the pressure! DONE

Step 2 - I want to replace all radiator valves (or vents?) with the same kind. All different some broke.

Mistake 1 - My cousin owes my dad a favor. - Dad insists, I cave.

I Write down what I needed. 10 Hoffman 1A's 2 Hoffman 75's (right?)

Dad leaves me a bag. In it are -

10 - Heat-timer Varivalve Quickvents(??)

2 - Hoffman No 4 quick vents

Question? - Should I trust my cousins judgement (I don't thats why I'm here) or should I scrap it and just go buy what I wanted?

From: MC
Category: Category 1
Date: 2/29/00
Time: 11:15:59 PM
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Derek my furnace will not start please contact me with specs for a new Buderus Boiler at [email protected]

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